OPI Dip Vs. Gel Nail Colors – Know the Difference

We are moving into a new world where self-expression has become more important than before. It doesn’t matter where you live and what you do, fashion statement has surpassed the way one dresses and behaves. Now fashion is everything about you, including your eyes, lips, and nails, speaking of which, nails have become an important form of self-expression and fashion statement that are hard to ignore.

If you are a fashionista, you might have heard about OPI dipping nail colors, also known as the OPI nail dip powder colors. However, many other manicure options, such as the OPI gel colors and the acrylic nails. Gone are the days when a manicure was simply a choice between regular nail colors and acrylic nail colors. As the fashion industry is continually evolving, so are the choices of makeup trends, including nail color trends.

OPI Dip Vs. Gel Nail Colors – Know the Difference

The addition of OPI dip nail colors and gel polishes have made it a bit challenging to decide about what kind of manicure you would want the coming weekend, which is why we are about to take you to our brief yet insightful guide of OPI dip nails vs. OPI gel colors, so you can understand what kind of differences you can expect with both.

What is The OPI Gel Polish?

Suppose you are looking for a long-lasting manicure that is also glossy and shiny, with an easy application technique. In that case, OPI gel polish is your number one choice. The OPI gel polish offers shine along with minimum curing time.

If this is your first time applying OPI gel polish on your nails, you should know that you can make the manicure last for up to three weeks with proper after-care. If we were to break down the OPI gel polish application process, you would find three basic parts: the OPI gel base, the OPI gel color of your choice, and the topcoat.

The OPI gel top coat is essential for a long-lasting manicure. At the same time, it ensures that you don’t experience brittle nails and that your nails remain as glossy as possible. After each coat, it is essential to allow the nails to be cured under an LED or UV light/ lamp for 30 seconds.

What is The OPI Dip Nail Color?

If you are looking for a long-lasting and essentially durable manicure, you ought to get in the line for OPI dip nail colors. Besides setting the tone for the perfect, vibrant, and popping nails, you will also save your nails from getting chipped or, worse, brittle nails.

The formula of the OPI dip nail colors allows your manicure to remain sturdy and strong. With the professional application, you can make your OPI dip manicure last for more than two weeks. As indicated by the name of the nail polish, you will dip your fingers in the colored powder of your choice.

Like the OPI gel polish manicure, three steps are involved in this manicure process, brush, dip in powder, and tap. The best part about the OPI dip nail color is that it doesn’t require a UV or LED light to cure.

The Benefits of OPI Dip Manicure

Compared to the typical acrylic manicure and the OPI gel manicure, you will find the application of OPI dip nail colors easier and quicker. When it comes to wear and shine, a good OPI dip manicure will last for two weeks. Another benefit of the OPI dip manicure is that it is free of odor that is usually the case with the typical acrylic nail manicure. The final look of the OPI dip colors is not much different than the OPI gel colors, as they (OPI manicure) exude a similar gel-like shine without requiring you to cure your nails under an LED light.

You will find several amazing shades of OPI dip nail colors, such as strawberry margarita and blueberry. The OPI dip nail colors are also excellent for French manicures.


Suppose you don’t wear gel well, and you want to perform certain chores without affecting your manicure. In that case, the OPI dip nail colors manicure is for you – since you are looking forward to durability. That said, the OPI dip nail colors are a perfect alternative to the OPI gel manicure.

The application process is easy, while the OPI dipping powder adds strength and a sort of protective shield to your nails. Suppose you are used to the brush-style application of the OPI gel nail colors. In that case, you might become fascinated with the application process of the OPI dip nail colors.

If your nails are fragile and prone to break more easily, you will find perfection in the OPI dip nail colors. Despite the fact the OPI dip nail colors manicure might look much thicker than the OPI gel manicure, it doesn’t feel heavy and loaded on your nails.

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