How to Select the Best Summer Collection of Gel and Lacquer Nail Polish?

Nail polish techniques have evolved over many centuries. You will be surprised to learn nail polish existed in the Ming Dynasty. That was around 5000 years ago. Does it seem improbable? Maybe yes, but women in those days used natural and organic products like beeswax, vegetable dyes, egg whites, and gelatin. Subsequently, we have moved towards chemical additives. But still, organic nail polish is the healthiest. Lavis offers an extensive range of high-quality organic nail polish to suit almost every occasion.

Lavis new collection

Lavis has introduced 48 exciting new gel nail colors in its Lavis Summer Breeze collection. Let us look at some of the excellent gel nail polish and nail lacquer combinations that can add to your beauty quotient and make you look more gorgeous than ever.

The Lavis Collection – Ideal for summer

The summer is when you remove the lighter hues from the cosmetic closet. Thankfully, you have nail polish manufacturers introducing new shades frequently to keep up with the trends. Here are some Lavis collection gel and lacquer nail polish that you can use on your nails to enhance your overall personality by several notches.

The lavender colors exude charm

Lavender is a beautiful natural shade that suits almost every skin tone and occasion. The cool shade looks enthusiastic when you wear them on your nails. Since these hues come in various shades ranging from the lightest violets to the deepest purples, they are excellent to have throughout the year. But, we advise using as many light lavender shades as possible during summer. The best Lavis Summer Collection products include the Lavis 157 and Lavis 158. These shades bring a new facet of your personality into the open and make you look at your enchanting best.

The pinks – Innocence to the core

Pink is always associated with child-like innocence. Lavis understands this inherent quality of pink and has introduced an exquisite range of light pink colors like the Pink Flamingo, Paris Pink, River Rouge, Mulberry Pink, etc. Each of these pink shades defines your looks and makes you more attractive than you are. The advantage of using these light shades in summer is that they reflect light and heat. So your nails do not feel suffocated. They get the chance to breathe correctly and thus remain healthy.

Reds and oranges are always welcome

No woman ever feels complete without having some red or orange color in her attire. Lavis provides the perfect opportunity to add these beautiful colors to your personality by introducing exquisite shades like Lavis 164, Lavis 163, and Lavis 172. Red is a universally acclaimed color fit for all seasons because of its versatility. Orange is a perfect color for summer because of its vibrancy. The beauty of the red and orange shades is that they suit all attire and occasions. So, to make a forceful fashion statement, you need not look beyond these magnificent colors.

Green has its moments under the sun

Many people feel that spring is the right time for the greens and that they should pack them up with the onset of summer. The reality is that you need not do so because greens have a place in the summer nail polish lineup. Lavis 173 and 174 are two beautiful green shades that redefine gorgeousness to the next level. The lighter the green shade, the more attractive the summer look. So, if you embark on a hike or explore the mountains, the green shades are perfect because they gel with nature.

The blues are great for beach vacations

Summer is when the schools are closed, and families usually take vacations to the seaside resorts. While you can have a glorious sunbath on the sands, your blue gel nail polish synchronizes beautifully with the environment. The skies are blue, and so is the water. So, wearing blue is perfect for the occasion. Lavis has an exciting range of blue shades up its sleeve. You can comfortably order the Lavis 200, Lavis 203, Lavis 201, and Lavis 202 from our store and enrich your overall personality.

The Gel Nail Polish and Lacquer Combo

Lavis offers a set of beautiful gel polish and lacquer combos in its new gel nail colors collection. The combo includes two exciting colors that match perfectly and makes you look as elegant as ever. We invite you to try out the beautiful color combinations and make your summer months memorable.

Final Words

One must concede that Lavis offers the most exhilarating shades of gel polish and nail lacquer that play a magnificent role in enhancing your beauty quotient. Therefore, these products should rank first on your list of preferences whenever you search for top-quality nail manicure products. So, if you wish to order your best colors for the summer, Lavis is the name.

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