Understand the Difference Between Dip and Acrylic Powder Applications

Today, people have a vast choice of nail manicures. But, while you can approach a nail salon and get the best manicures from certified professionals, DIY procedures are also available. So, if you are looking forward to having a high-quality dip powder or gel manicure, the DIY method should be ideal. So, what about an acrylic powder manicure? Though you can have an acrylic manicure at home, it is advisable to approach a nail salon technician for a perfect manicure.

So, when should you have an acrylic nail manicure, and is it different from dip powder applications?

When Should You Have an Acrylic Nail Manicure?

Understand the Difference Between Dip and Acrylic Powder Applications

While dip powder and gel manicures are best for natural nails, it is always better to go for an acrylic manicure for artificial nails. Acrylic powder is specifically made for artificial nails. So, it is not advisable to have this manicure for natural nails. But, if you go for an acrylic nail extension, the acrylic powder nail manicure is the best.

The Difference Between Dip Powder and Acrylic Powder

Surprisingly, both dip and acrylic powder have a similar formulation. However, the dipping powder is more finely grounded than acrylic powder. This change in the texture is the primary difference between dip and acrylic powder.

Secondly, the application method differs for a dip and acrylic powder manicures. First, apply the acrylic powder using a brush. The procedure involves preparing the mixture of acrylic powder and solution. Then, you take a bead of acrylic powder from the bowl and apply it to the artificial nail extension. This process is complex, so we suggest going to the nail salon.

In contrast, the dipping powder manicure is relatively straightforward. First, apply the basecoat and dip your fingernails into the dip powder. Then, you spread it evenly on your nails and proceed with the topcoat application. This process does not require much expertise. Hence, many women have this manicure at home.

So, can you use acrylic powder for a dip manicure?

Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO. The acrylic nail manicure requires mixing the powder with resin. Dip powder is finely grounded and does not mix well with the resin. It ends up forming clumps. Since it becomes thick, it would be impossible to have the mixture on your nail like the traditional dip powder process.

Dip powder is smooth and finely grounded, making it easy to apply on the nail directly. In contrast, the coarse acrylic powder is better mixed with resin to form the bead.

Which procedure lasts longer?

A dip powder manicure can last comfortably for three weeks. The natural nail growth pushes the dip powder manicure to the edges, removing them after three weeks. Otherwise, the dip powder manicure does not crack.

The acrylic powder manicure lasts for four to five weeks. Usually, you have the acrylic nail process on artificial nails. So, it does not matter if the natural nail keeps growing beneath the fake nails.

Varieties available

Both dip and acrylic powders are available in various color combinations. In addition, exciting acrylic nail powder brands like Tony Ly acrylic powder add to your beauty quotient by making you look more gorgeous.

The removal procedure – is it different?

The removal procedure for acrylic powder nails and dip manicures is similar. It uses the acetone soak method. However, acrylic nails require more filing to break down the powder and resin mixture. In contrast, dip powder nails do not require deep filing. The acetone soak can remove the powders comfortably.

The procedure involves covering the nails with a cotton swab soaked in acetone. Next, we advise wrapping the nail in aluminum foil to maintain the cotton swab securely. The process can take more than 30 minutes for complete removal. Finally, while the dip powder slides smoothly off the nails, you can push the acrylic layer with an orangewood cuticle pusher.

Which of the two procedures is better?

It depends on user preferences. If you have healthy natural nails, the dip powder manicure is better. However, nail extension becomes crucial if you have short and stubby nails. Therefore, the acrylic nail procedure is preferable.

The acrylic nail manicure is better from a durability viewpoint. We have seen that acrylic nails can last for four to five weeks comfortably, whereas the dip powder manicure lasts up to three to four weeks.

The application procedure for dip nails is comparatively more straightforward than the acrylic nail process.

Final Thoughts

An acrylic nail manicure looks the best bet when you have short nails. You can have an extension and acrylic powder nails to enhance their beauty. Quality products like Tony Ly acrylic powder make it more attractive. So, if you wish to have a nail extension, we advise you to try the acrylic nail manicure. It makes you look gorgeous.

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