How to Choose the Best Lotion for a Tanning Bed Session?

Most people think that they don’t have to apply tanning lotion because they are lying on a tanning bed. However, if they don’t apply tanning lotion, they won’t get an even glowing tan they desire. If you don’t want dry, splotchy skin after lying on a tanning bed, you must apply the lotion.

Best Lotion for a Tanning Bed Session

In this article, we will discuss the best way you should prepare yourself for the tanning bed session and how to complete the session. We will start the discussion by explaining whether you should use a normal lotion to apply on your skin during the tanning bed session or not.

Can You Use Normal Lotion for a Tanning Bed Session?

The answer is no. You should not use a normal lotion for a tanning bed session because these lotions can damage the tanning beds.

Normal tanning lotions contain ingredients that gradually start building upon the bed’s surface, and with time, it deteriorates. This is the reason the owners of the salon don’t allow you to use the normal lotions during the tanning session.

From the huge variety of tanning lotions accessible in the market, you should ensure you buy the one is particularly created for tanning beds. You should apply indoor tanning lotions if you want to turn your tan into a golden color.

Indoor tanning lotions contain ingredients that not only moisturize your skin but also make the tan last for a long time. To find out the best tanning lotion, let us discuss choosing the best lotion for tanning beds.

Choosing the Best Lotion

The salon experts select the best tanning bed lotion for fair skin suitable for your skin even before you visit. Ensure you are always carrying a tanning lotion for a tanning bed session, which you think will be best for your skin.

Although the salon experts provide the lotion based on their experience, your skin’s needs may differ from their previous clients. The first thing you must remember is that indoor and outdoor tanning lotions have a huge difference because indoor lotions don’t contain as much SPF factor.

Tanning bed lotions are available as sprays, moisturizing creams as well as bronzing lotions. There is a big difference between suntan lotions and tanning lotions. Suntan lotions are created to block the UV rays; on the other hand, tanning lotions enhance the effects of UV rays in the tanning beds.

Since you are aware of the best tanning lotion for a tanning bed, let us explain why you need to shower before visiting a tanning salon.

Showering Before Your Visit

Even before you apply the tanning lotion, the most important part of the process is preparing your skin for the tanning session. Although some people might consider it unnecessary, this task is really simple and should be part of your daily routine.

Showering and exfoliating are necessary because you need to remove any lotion or cream from your body which can block the tanning process. Before taking a shower, you should shave or wax properly to remove hair from your body which can give you dots of bronze and uneven tan.

Applying Indoor Tanning Lotion

You should carry the face tanning bed lotion with you and instantly apply it to your body before lying in the tanning bed. You should also carry the clothes which you will wear after the tanning bed session.

If your lotion contains bronzers, it will instantly get activated once the light of the tanning bed turns on. This could ruin your clothes when you wear your clothes after the appointment.

Bring a rubber band for your hair and gloves to apply the tanning lotion. Additionally, carry a towel to wipe the lotion from the body parts you don’t want to tan.

That’s all you need to prepare yourself for the tanning bed session.


We hope now you understand the importance of applying tanning lotion before the tanning bed session. Instead of choosing a normal lotion, you should choose the lotion created for the tanning bed session. You should prepare your skin before the session by ensuring you have waxed and showered properly.

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