Few Routine While Washing Your Face Can Change Your Skin Drastically

We want that beautiful skin without any flaw, is not it? You may think that achieving that kind of skin may be difficult, but what if I tell you it is possible just by changing your face cleansing regimen?

Few Routine While Washing Face Can Change Skin

Whenever we face acne, pimple, dark spots, uneven skin tone, or dry skin, we always think of the cream or lotions we are putting on our skin. What if the problem is lying under your face wash or the way you are using it?

I will be sharing some valuable precautions that you need to keep in mind if achieving flawless skin is your goal.

How Are You Using Your Face Wash?

Have you ever thought your approach of using a face wash may be wrong, which is why it is worsening your skin instead of serving for you? Some things can be followed to prevent this kind of trouble.

Using Clarisonic the Wrong Way

You may have found the best drugstore cleanser to use with Clarisonic for your skin. But if that is not helping in this case, then you may have used it in the wrong way.

  • Clarisonic should not be used more than twice a day. Using it more than twice will only damage your skin.
  • Don’t do it for too long. Using it for a maximum of 1 minute is enough to work on your skin properly.
  • If your skin is sensitive, then use it once a day only.
  • Clean your Clarisonic to get rid of all the bacteria and microbes.
  • Don’t use it too vigorously; avoid putting too much pressure while using it. If you think, in this way, it will work as an exfoliator, you are wrong. Clarisonic is supposed to enhance the effect of the cleanser.
  • Always invest in a good quality of Clarisonic with a soft brush. If your brush is not that gentle on your skin, then it will inevitably damage it.

Let’s Come to Face Wash Now

The way you are using your face wash is crucial. Even if the product is the right one for you, it may give a reverse effect if not used properly.

How Many times Are You Using Your Face Wash?

If you are someone who thinks that using face wash frequently will clean your skin, then you might not be thinking in the right way.

You should use face wash only when your skin is dirty or you came back home from outside. But if you are at home and cleansing your face repeatedly using face wash because your skin feels oily, don’t do this again because you are only damaging your skin.

The face wash is made up of chemicals that naturally strip the natural oil of your outer layer of skin. Keep the usage to the minimum; try to avoid using it in the morning as you just woke up and your skin is not dirty.

Are You Using the Cleanser for Too Long?

Don’t keep face wash on your skin for more than 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on your face wash and skin. No matter how herbal the cleanser is, it is still made to clean your skin.

What Kind of Cleanser Are You Using?

Never use soap on your face; use gentle face washes. You can consider going for the cruelty-free face wash if you are vegan or just want to use gentle face washes because most cruelty-free face washes are of good quality.


Your face wash should be non-comedogenic; it would be great if it does not contain any fragrance or synthetic color. If a cleanser has the properties to shed dead skin gently, then that is an add-on.

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