The Uniqueness of Gelixir Nail Polish

Gelixir nail polish is a top nail manicure brand currently making waves in the industry with a vast collection of gel polish products in different colors. Gelixir gel polish contains a base coat and topcoat, an excellent combination of years to guarantee long-lasting gel nails. The outcome will resemble that of a salon finish.
The base coat is applied on the already filed nails, and after the process of curing and drying, you use the top coat to get a glossy finish. Gelixir nail polish has a glossy texture and gives the nails adequate protection. The topcoat ensures your manicure is in one piece and does not break. Customers who have used Gelixir nail polish can testify to how excellent the product is.
The base coat strengthens your nails, protecting them from chipping or damaging. It is rich in natural ingredients that help protect the nail against harmful organisms and germs, so you don’t have to worry about developing any issues. Gelixir nail polish adds color to the nails and also offers a protective layer from staining or discoloration. Gelixir nail polish is produced in the U.S and does not affect the user or the environment. The best form of gel nail polishes is to use base coats to protect the nails, giving them a clean and smooth surface.

Gelixir gel polish
Generally, gel polish is sealed with a topcoat that offers lasting wear and glossy shine. It is crucial to cure the layers of nail polish such as the top coat and base coat to avoid smudges and streaks on the nail surface. Sometimes gel top and base coats come in duo packs, although there are separate ones that are also effective.
There’s a reason why people always choose gel nail polish. It is glossy, durable and almost all nail salons offer it. However, the exciting fact about gel manicure is that it has zero risks of chipping even if you use it often. Also, it can last for a long while, about three weeks, and remain durable.
Gel polishes have stronger ingredients that hold the nail tighter than regular nail polish; therefore, they are stronger and can withstand daily use without chipping. Gelixir gel, like most gel nail polish, has a flexible formula and is cured using LED or UV light. The removal process for gel nail polish is by soaking in acetone for a minimum of ten minutes, unlike regular nail polish that involves wiping off with polish remover.

How do you make your Gelixir nail polish last?

Allow your nail to breathe before doing another gel manicure

If you choose regular nail polish or gel, the fact remains that regular manicures weaken your naturals. The process of manicuring can cause dehydration and thinness of your nail plate. Sometimes, nail polish coats block the transfer of oxygen. People are recommended to give a one to two weeks break before applying another nail polish.

Don’t pick gel at the polish that’s peeling

Gel polish users always talk about gel polish picking as an everyday thing. If the color lifts, there’s often a temptation to remove it, but you shouldn’t. You may injure yourself or remove your nail layers, and this kind of damage takes years to fix.

Limit UV light exposure

People who are very sensitive to UV light should apply caution when using gel manicures to damage skin damage over time. Dermatologists recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen if you want to do a gel manicure to protect against UVA rays. The light from the LED lamps is more intense than that from the sun.

Be cautious of the soak-off process

Although your manicure may stay in one place until you want to take it off, you should know that the removal process may be very harsh. Ensure your manicurist applies your gel polish and cures it properly to reduce damage from the process.

Apply TLC on your skin after the gel removal process

It’s important to rehydrate your skin and its cuticles, including the nail plate, after applying gel nail polish. Use a thick emollient on the nails to repair the surrounding cuticle.

Keep your nails hydrated

As much as Drinking water is essential for your health, you should hydrate your nails during salon visits. Use hydrating elements like coconut, vitamin C, avocado oils, and apricot.

Consider the ingredients in the nail polish

Avoid using nail polishes that contain carcinogens like dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, etc. They result in inflammation and have other side effects. However, Gelixir polish is safe to use and protects your nail.


Clients who have used gel Gelixir at one time or the other can testify to how amazing the nail polish. The Gelixir reviews are proof of the excellent quality, versatility, and uniqueness of this product. Having Gelixir nail polish is a perfect addition to your collection. Get one now!

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