Orange and Black Nail Designs to Wear in All Seasons

We are all brand loyalists. For better or for worse, we believe that our brand will win. But have you ever thought about why you love a particular brand and if it gives you what you want? Some brands might not help you achieve the design you desire; thus, you will have to improvise or make a few changes. If you are a manicure lover, you will realize that even the best brands like OPI gel and lacquer might not provide you with everything that you want in this world. So when you go looking for SNS, Kiara sky, or OPI nail supplies online or from the nearest store, you should be aware of the actual ingredients required for a particular design. Even so, if you want a nail design that can serve you the whole year, perhaps you should consider the Orange and Black Nail Designs. Some of these designs are discussed here.

Top Orange and Black Nail Designs

Pop of Papaya

The papayas are tortuously hand-painted, which makes them look chicer than anyone can imagine. They make you feel like you should wear fruit nail designs throughout the year. If you had earlier painted your nails with colors that are not part of the tropical designs, you should make sure that you remove them first. This makes the nails both matte and clean.

A Trio of Ghost

This nail art gets its inspiration from a storybook. These specially crafted masterpieces, including three tiny ghosts, nighttime moons, and abstract orange design, make sure that you get a unique look in one hand more than you can ever figure out. Simultaneously, the other one is painted in ghosts and pumpkins that make it look unctuous and scary but in the right way.

Abstract Nails

Abstract nails are mere Shellac designs that look both glossy and adorable. They are designed with dots, black lines, and orange splashes. As such, each nail is cut diagonally with a line that leaves a negative space.

Zebra Tips

As creativity proliferates, a new use for French mani has just been found. French manicure acts as an alternative to the zebra tips that no one ever thought would be necessary. The look can only be achieved by a detail-oriented artist determined to realize precision when drawing the lines. Therefore, you will need an Artisan, Grand Master Nail Art Efex Brush, or any other similar small detailing brush.

Simple and Sparkly

Compared with the traditional designs, this design might be more straightforward even though very few people have the time for elaborate nail art design. The designs contain a perfect edgy and inky dark polish. The sparkly orange polish in the design is also subtle. It indicates that you do not always need to visit a professional parlor to get a perfect manicure, but you can invent a unique yet chic nail design whenever you want.

Creamsicle Chanel

A beaded Chanel logo, a half-moon shape, and a subtle pastel? It would be best if you were keen on this. You will need a piece of tape or a circular sticker to get the half-moon’s shape. You will also need a clean-up brush like Olive and June’s to provide the edges with a perfect form.

Jungle Nails

If you paint your nails with an orange base and add different animal prints, you would leave your nails looking more elegant than you imagined. This is what this design is all about. The mani involves a free-style painting that mixes different animal prints. It is also easy to maintain, making it suitable for a DIY in the comfort of your home. However, you can get more creative by changing a few details of the original design to achieve the uniqueness that you want. You can paint the tiger and leopard stripes, which will not only be unique but also elegant.

Spooky Spiders

Creepy crawlies might take your breath away with fear; thus, most people are not fun of them. However, this design is an exception because, despite its name, it gives you an adorable and unique look. The cartoon creatures require the use of a small detailing brush to achieve the expected perfection. If you are doing it yourself, the spiders might not be as creepy as you anticipated, but this should not worry you because practice makes perfect. With just a few trial times, you will be the designer you always wanted to be with only a few times of trial.


Orange and black? Yes, that is the perfect combo for every season. You can wear orange and black during workdays, on weekends, holidays, night outs, Halloween, and even high-end occasions. Luckily, there are different designs that you can try out. All you need is to try out one of the designs above for the best results. The combo will not fail you regardless of your outfit, skin color, or occasion.

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